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The Cuckoo Install Script

Wednesday, 20 March, 2013

Here is the script to install Cuckoo Sandbox on Security Onion. This assumes an x64 machine. It might also work on a bare Ubuntu build, but I didn’t honestly check. If you have issues, or suggestions, either drop a comment on here, or else send them to my github. Here is the link again in […]

Ubuntu Base to Security Onion and Cuckoo Scripted (pt. 1)

Tuesday, 19 March, 2013

So after spending a few days with¬†Liam Randall¬†(@Hectaman) at ShmooCon he has made me catch the Bro bug once again. So one thing I wanted to do is check out performance on a few machines and virtual machines to look at the difference. I also wanted to have an idea as to what it would […]