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Serial via USB in OS X

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

So I went to rebuild a Cisco router the other day, but didn’t have a freaking serial port anywhere to drop the config! So I ran down to Fry’s to get a USB-to-Serial adapter. Looking online there are several options, at the actual store I only had two/three to choose from. So I ended up […]

Dradis on OS X

Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

So another stumbling block that is fairly small I found while trying out Metasploit Unleashed was the install of The Dradis Framework. The problem with OS X is some of the things, like Ruby, are a bit older. Not to mention the version shipped with OS X has some other problems. So I suggest taking […]

Metasploit Unleashed on OS X

Thursday, 18 February, 2010

So I was taking a look at a blog the other day by Andrew Waite and saw him talk about a great little tutorial on Metasploit by the guys at Offensive Security. Being that half of the things I know I learned on my own and not in a formal learning environment, I thought it […]